A Retail POS system allows retailers to manage their sales and business tasks efficiently and effectively. Here are the best retail Point of Sale system solutions of 2018!

 The Retail Point of Sale systems of POS systems help retailers to focus on running their stores, quickly and effectively manage in-store sales, improve the productivity of their employees, improve customer service, and increase customer satisfaction at the same time.

Even though there are so many Retail POS system solutions on the market today, we would like for you to make the right decision and choose the best POS system for your store.

We analyzed 3 of the best retail Point of Sale systems and we will discuss them in this article. Let’s start:

  1. Lightspeed – This POS system is ideal for retailers with large inventories. This Point of Sale system allows you to manage hundreds if not thousands of products at a very detailed level, create purchase orders, manage parts, and much more. Being one of the most popular systems on the market, Lightspeed offers a lot for your money and comes with modern sales management features, omnichannel sales tools, and robust reporting. This is also one of the least expensive POS systems on the market, which is one more reason why it made on our list.
  2. Square POS – Another great Point of Sale system. This is an excellent choice for small stores as it offers an amazing array of sales, business management features, and inventory features and all of this for free. One of the best things about Square is that there are no monthly startup fees and the payment processing fees are 2.75%. This retail POS system is easy and quick to set up and it comes with a mobile card reader, a free online store, and if you want, you can add Point of Sale stations for $169. This is the only Point of Sale software with no ongoing or upfront costs other than credit or debit card processing fees.
  3. ShopKeep – The perfect POS system for small retailers. With a starting price of $69 per month, this POS system offers more employee management, inventory management, and customer tracking features than Lightspeed and Square, however, these features aren’t so modern as Lightspeed. It integrates with multiple third-party applications for features like accounting, loyalty programs, and ecommerce.

If you need a basic Point of Sale system, Square is your best option, ShopKeep is a solid choice as well, and for small business owners who are looking for more advanced features, Lightspeed is definitely the way to go.