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Simple Injection Could Be the Cure for Wrestlers and Athletes Suffering From ‘Cauliflower Ear’

Rugby players, boxers and wrestlers may soon be able to heal their deformed cauliflower ears with the help of a simple injection. Chinese researchers have developed a new 3D-bioprinting machine capable of making new tissue without the need for traumatic surgery. It means sports stars like Richie McCaw, Graham Rowntree, and Dan Cole won’t have […]

Since Pandemic Closed His Business, New Jersey Man Has Made Over 500 Shopping Trips For Seniors

The owner of a New Jersey frame shop has been unable to operate his business since late March. But that hasn’t stopped him from taking over 500 trips to the grocery store—for free—for seniors staying at home to avoid exposure to the novel coronavirus. Making deliveries is nothing new for Greg Dailey. He has risen […]

Michael Jordan and His Jordan Brand Pledge $100 Million to Black Communities

Michael Jordan and Jordan Brand have announced a $100 million donation to organizations dedicated to ensuring racial equality, social justice, and greater access to education. “Through our Jordan Wings Program, we have been focused on providing access to education, mentorship and opportunity for Black youth facing the obstacles of systemic racism… but we know we […]

Chattanooga Police Updates Policy to Require Officers to Intervene in Cases of Brutality and Report It

Chattanooga, Tennessee’s Police Chief has updated his department’s Code of Conduct, saying his officers have a duty to intervene—and to report it—when others in the department commit acts of brutality or abuses of power. Chief David Roddy announced the changes Monday, and also highlighted existing policy regarding how to deal with force—all in an effort […]

Good Samaritans Use CPR to Revive Baby Deer Found Floating in the Middle of a Lake

These Good Samaritans are being hailed as heroes after they used CPR to save the life of a baby deer they found drifting in a Texas lake last week. Brian Ballard and his wife Liz had been out boating on Lake Tyler when then they saw something floating in the water. Although they initially suspected […]

Woman records her mom reacting to her getting into law school to show ‘black joy’

Melinda Oliver had been refreshing her email routinely for the past few days, waiting on a notification that might change her life. When she didn’t receive an email by 4 p.m. Tuesday afternoon, however, she decided to take her dog for a walk. She figured the business day was nearly over and that she probably […]

Could regular volunteering be the key to a long and healthy life?

Altruistic acts such as volunteering could help us live longer, according to new research published by the American Journal of Preventive Medicine. A study of 13,000 adults in the US found that people over the age of 50, who volunteer for two hours a week have a substantially reduced risk of mortality, less chance of […]