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Dell will have the only AMD SmartShift laptop in 2020

According to AMD, SmartShift can boost gaming performance up to 14 percent by allocating more power to the GPU. A new section within AMD’s Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition makes it easy to visualize how power is being distributed between the CPU and GPU.Dell will be the only vendor to offer AMD’s SmartShift technology in […]

Sony’s PS5 reveal event is set for later this week

Are you ready for some PlayStation 5 news, gameplay, and new game reveals? Sony has rescheduled its The Future of Gaming live stream for Thursday. As long as we don’t have any more 2020 craziness break out in the next couple of days, we should be good to go for the one-hour event.On Monday, Sony […]

Chinese company says its latest EV batteries can last 16 years

Electric vehicles are much better overall now than they were a decade ago, but they still have a few key shortcomings; mostly relating to their batteries. Range anxiety is less of a problem these days, but eventually, after several years have passed, an EV battery simply won’t be able to hold its charge as well […]

HP’s premium Chromebook x360 14c improves on the successful recipe of the original, starts at $499

HP’s original Chromebook 14 was already selling like hotcakes to people who don’t depend on legacy software tools and are able to live their digital lives in the cloud. Now the company has improved on that recipe with more refinements such as a fingerprint reader, fast charging, and updated internals. The screen could’ve been a […]

Facebook deactivates almost 200 accounts linked to hate groups

Facebook has removed almost 200 accounts connected to white supremacist groups that were trying to rally supporters to attend protests over police violence against black people, the Associated Press reported. The accounts in question were linked to two hate groups Facebook had already banned, the Proud Boys and the American Guard. Demonstrations continued over the […]

Apple granted patent for software that would let you take socially distant group selfies

Apple has just been granted a patent for software that would generate “synthetic group selfies,” which as Protocol points out, could be a way to take group selfies for social media even if you’re trying to stay socially distant from your friends. According to the patent application (first discovered by Patently Apple), an Apple device […]

Samsung heir Lee may be arrested soon on new corruption charges

Lee Jae-yong, Samsung Electronics vice chairman and the de facto leader of the Samsung Group conglomerate, may soon find himself back in jail. Prosecutors are seeking an arrest warrant against Lee, known as Jay Y. Lee in the West, arguing that he should be detained while they investigate new allegations against him. The new legal […]